Why I Love My Job at Brown Wegher: An Interview with Hilary Hawkins, Interior Design Assistant


Interior Design Assistant Hilary Hawkins wrapped up her first year with Brown Wegher at the end of September. With several design projects under her belt, the Iowa State graduate took a moment from her floorplans and finishes to talk with us about herself, her background with Interior Design, and her experience with the Brown Wegher team. [Read more…]

Mesmerizing Examples Of Natural Textures In The Home

Natural Textures
From cedar planks to stone facades, the exteriors of homes have long had a monopoly on natural textures. Bringing them inside can be tricky, however; too much and the home becomes too weighted and earthy, too little and the elements can seem out of touch and out of place. This delicate balance is why our design team works so hard at getting the colors, texture, and fixtures just right.
Wood, stone, and fibers are a great way to add warmth, texture, and color to nearly any room. Want to see how how it looks when it is done well? Keep reading.

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