Rick Wegher, President

Rick Wegher President

Rick grew up in the construction industry, absorbing knowledge about homebuilding throughout his adolescence.  Before playing professional football in Canada in the early 1980s, he attended South Dakota State University. In 1985, he started Wegher Construction, which would eventually grow into the most prominent residential construction company in Siouxland. Over the past two decades, Wegher Construction has built approximately 25-30 homes annually, accounting for around 40-50% of all new homes built in the Sioux City area every year.  Their work includes large developments such as Wynstone, Spanish Bay, and Bay Hill, all of which feature upscale custom housing. Rick is driven by his passion for making customers’ dreams come true, and his work has been inspired by his desire to build community, which is evident in the way each property within his developments work together to maximize each home’s aesthetic beauty and privacy.