Looking for a Better Building Experience

Hwang Custom HomeWhen Cathy Hwang and her husband sat down with Rick Wegher of Brown Wegher Construction to talk about building their next home, like many home owners, they had a lot of questions.

“This was our second time building and we wanted a better experience than with our previous builder,” Cathy noted. “Our first house was great but the process of getting there was a lot more work than we wanted; and that made us wary of building again.”

A Strong Recommendation

When they decided they wanted to build again, the Hwang’s realtor recommended they meet with Brown Wegher, specifically because of their keen attention to detail and streamlined home building process.

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Make Time For Timeless: Design Advice From Brown Wegher Clients

Design Advice From Brown Wegher Clients

It’s been ten years since Mike and Connie Schmidt were first introduced to the Brown Wegher team. Since then, the couple has built three homes with the award-winning Sioux City firm, each house with a different location, style, and personality.

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Why We Choose Brown Wegher For Every Home We Build

Why We Choose Brown Wegher For Every Home We Build

Brown Wegher works with a lot of clients in the Sioux City, Dakota Dunes, and Whispering Creek communities, and some more than once. Mike and Connie Schmidt recently completed their third home project with Brown Wegher, and we were fortunate enough to sit down with them to talk about their unique experience.

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How To Build A House In Siouxland (And Love The Process)

How To Build A House In Siouxland

Building a new home in Sioux City has never been easier, thanks in part to technology and the experienced teams at Brown Wegher Construction. We sat down with Dan Feste, one of our Residential Project Managers, to give us his take on his favorite parts of the construction process.

What is your process for beginning a new residential project?

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Once I obtain my building permit, how long before I can move into my new home?

Brown Wegher Construction South Dakota, Iowa, NebraskaBuilding a home is an exciting time for our clients. But they aren’t really excited about building a home. Really they are excited about moving into their new home.

So we often get questions such as, “Once I get my building permits, how long will it take to build my home and be able to move in?”

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Should I build a new home or buy an existing home?

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers and clients is this … “Should I build a new home or buy an existing home?” The answer, of course, is it depends.  [Read more…]

How Much Should I Budget for My New Home?

Family sitting in front of houseFirst-time home builders often have misperceptions about how to budget for the project. The cost of the lot and the home are not the only expenses to be considered. Fixed municipal costs such as sidewalks and driveways play a significant role in adding to a home-building project’s bottom line, and the property will require at least some degree of landscaping to meet municipal ordinances (or at least appease the neighbors). Here are three primary areas to consider when developing a budget or working within an existing budget.  [Read more…]

Which direction should my home face?

When you’re planning your home, a surprisingly important thing to consider is the direction that your house is facing. The implications of this range from preventing mild inconvenience to ensuring your safety.

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Cost-Effective, Sustainable Home Building in the Sioux City Area

Investing in sustainability can be a surefire way to save money in the long run. We’ve listed some of the most cost-effective elements of green building below, Some of these are more expensive up-front, but they will likely produce substantial savings that easily outweigh this initial expense. New homes that incorporate these and other EnergyStar features consume 20-30% (the equivalent of approximately $500-600 annually in Siouxland) less energy than their counterparts.

1. Insulation with high resistance to heat flow (R-Value) in walls, attics, and basements

For the Siouxland area, the US Department of Energy recommends using R38 to R60 insulation in attics and R13-R21 in wall cavities. Abiding by these suggestions can save you well over 20% on your heating and cooling costs. [Read more…]

Should I build or buy a home?

The answer to this depends entirely on your circumstances and the availability of a home that has what you’re looking for. This being said, there are some characteristics of building and buying a home that remain constant and help determine whether it is best to build or buy a house. In determining when you should buy and when you should build, consider the following characteristics and their implications:

  1. Used houses tend to cost less up front.
  2. Buying a used house and renovating it is usually more expensive than building a new home.
  3. A new home will have entirely new equipment and features, which usually means that they will maintain a higher degree of functionality and a more attractive appearance for a longer period of time. It is also likely to reduce the amount of maintenance that is needed and could lower utility bills.
  4. If you build a new home, you are going to be much more likely to get all of the features you want. [Read more…]