A Collaborative Approach to Home Building

Mark Brown really enjoys the home building process—especially with our team at Brown Wegher. That could be why he and his wife are on their 9th home build.

“We’ve built a few homes as investments, but so far we’ve lived in 4 of the homes we’ve built with Brown Wegher,” clarified Mark. “The home we’re starting next month will be our 9th build and the 5th we’ve lived in.”

An Easy Process Keeps Them Coming Back

Mark and his wife were originally drawn to Brown Wegher because their home designs are unique. They weren’t looking for anything cookie cutter and they liked the style of our models.

“Rick and his team at Brown Wegher have ideas of their own that are reflected in their models. But more than that, when we work with them they bring us new ideas too,” noted Mark. “That’s different from other builders we’ve talked to. We really like how easy the process is with them.”

Communication is the Key to Good Planning

When the Browns first sat down with Rick Wegher and his team, they flipped through some design concepts but more importantly, they had a great dialogue about what they were looking for.

“We sat down and talked about the rooms we wanted, our needs for the house, a general idea of how we wanted it laid out,” said Mark. “From their, Brown Wegher works with the architect to hammer it out and put the plan together.”

Finding Creative Ways to Stay on Budget

Finishes are critical to any build. Mark noted that he has expensive tastes and likes to choose his own fixtures. And that his own choices sometimes push him above budget.

What he loves about working with our team at Brown Wegher, is that he can bring his ideas to us and we’ll come back with an alternate way to do the same style or design he’s looking for, but keep things in budget.

“We really take the time to hear what clients’ underlying wants and needs are,” said Rick Wegher, CEO of Brown Wegher Construction. “Once we know that, we can work creatively to help them find options that they’ll love but that will keep the build in budget for them.”

Good Planning Keeps the Home Build On Time

 One thing the Browns have noticed working on projects with Brown Wegher for so many years, is our ability to stay on time. Our build process lays out a calendar in the beginning and we remain very transparent throughout, keeping clients informed on when a decision is due.

“If you make your decisions on paint, stucco, stone, design, etc. on time,” Mark noted, “they stick very close to their original calendar—barring issues out of their control like weather.”

If you’re looking for a well-built home with great design and unique appeal, Brown Wegher is the way to go. – Mark Brown

Ideas Matter Most

We’re design oriented—and believe design really matters in any home build. Not only are our model homes all developed with an eye for great design, our in-house design team brings ideas to every build.

“You just have to be open and tell them what you want,” Mark concluded. “and the Brown Wegher team can get you a great home that’s both well-designed and functional.”

Three words about Brown Wegher:

  1. Very Timely
  2. Easy to Work With
  3. Innovative


Repeat Customers Share Thoughts on Their Second Brown Wegher Build

Charlie and Pam Mostek chose our team at Brown Wegher Construction to build their first home based on the recommendation of friends. “We had some good friends who built with Brown Wegher,” said Charlie. “They had a great experience and strongly recommended we hire Brown Wegher for our first home. So we did.” Their first home build went so smoothly, it was natural for them to come back to us for their second home—a completely custom build.

Upgrading Space for Entertaining

“For this second home, we wanted a very large entertaining space,” noted Pam. “We love having friends and family over and wanted a home that would accommodate a lot of people.”  Pam and Charlie sat down with our team at Brown Wegher and pored over home plans. When they landed on a 7,600 sq. ft. country style home called “The Party House” they knew they’d found the one.

A Flexible Process Allowing for Modifications

While the base plans had most of what the Mosteks were looking for, our architect helped them make unique modifications, like arched doorways and hallways throughout, a front courtyard for greeting guests, and a set of patios on the back covering all 3 stories of the house.

The Mosteks were also impressed that we remained flexible through the build, allowing them to make minor change as they went.

“If a hallway seemed too narrow, we could ask for it to be widened,” Charlie noted. “There was never any problem. Communication was always open so we had the luxury of making those changes on the fly.”

Custom Finishes Provide Unique Personalization

The Mosteks had a vision for unique ceilings in every room of their house, as well as other custom finishes. Our Brown Wegher design team worked hard to bring their vision to life. We found the right craftsmen to handle not only the unique, personalized ceilings but custom cabinetry throughout.

“They put everything into the house we wanted,” Pam shared. “As we look back we have no feelings of ‘we wish we would have…’”

Custom Homes Require the Right Partner

We’re thrilled with how happy Charlie and Pam with both their first and second homes. They shared with us that our team really took the worry out of the process.

“Find a builder that gives you confidence,” is Charlie’s advice to other home owners looking to build. “And honestly, if you’re going to take on an endeavor like we did where everything is custom—you really have to go with Brown Wegher. There just isn’t another choice.”

Three words about Brown Wegher:

  1. Dependability
  2. Creativity
  3. Delivery

Mostek Home Specs

  • 7,600 sq f5
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • Large bar & recreation area
  • Custom courtyard & patios

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Design Advice From Brown Wegher Clients

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